Geringhoff was established in 1880 as a manufacturer for portable grain mills. It wasn’t until 1962 that Geringhoff introduced the first corn header.
In 1964, Geringhoff mounted lawnmower blades under the row unit and created the first chopping head.

Then in 1977, Geringhoff introduced the PC head complete with shredding knives. This style delivered lower horsepower demand, faster travel speeds, superior shredding and extended blade life.

In 1997, the ROTA DISC technology was introduced. This new technology slices the stalks at a  25-degree angle. They are then vertically shredded to promote decay. Other features of the ROTA DISC are:

  • Minimal cob loss with the hydraulic plate adjustment
  • Slow auger speed of 150 RPM
  • Deep auger trough
  • Faster travel speeds that do not detract from shredding capability

Today, the Geringhoff Northstar model is marked as the industry’s most universal corn header. Models range from four rows up to 24 rows with folding options available. The Northstar model is the most cost-efficient and well-built corn harvesting system available.


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